联合主任:Dr. Jacob-Ivan Eidt, Dr. 劳拉Eidt 


The 研究 of 文学 and culture in a comparative context provides a rich environment 培养有洞察力、全面发展的读者、作家和思想家. 解释水平理论 students learn to interpret and evaluate literary and cultural products from multiple 起源和使用的语言不是他们自己的. 他们被训练得很有说服力 arguments, to master and use different theoretical and methodological tools, and to engage in dialog with scholarly voices both within the field of Comparative Literature 在其他现代(和古典)语言领域也是如此. 解释水平理论学生承担实质性的工作 writing and original research projects in multiple linguistic traditions in preparation 学院内外的职业生涯.


Comparative Literature is dedicated to the 研究 of 文学 in the broadest possible 框架跨语言、跨文化和跨学科. 广泛的定义, 它研究的是“没有围墙的文学”.“所以这是关于比较和 各种文学和文化领域之间的联系. 它是研究 文学

  • -  跨越国界和语言
  • -   在时间
  •  -  在流派
  •   - across boundaries between 文学 and the other arts (music, painting, architecture, 舞蹈,电影,等等.)
  •  - across disciplines: 文学 and psychology, 哲学, science, history, politics, 等.



-   喜欢阅读

-   喜欢质疑你读到的和经历的东西

-   对其他语言、文化和思维方式感兴趣吗

-   prefer a program of 研究 that allows you a maximum amount of flexibility and independence

A major or concentration in Comparative Literature is an excellent foundation for 在几乎所有领域的研究生阶段继续工作. 它也让学生们做好准备 to work in any field where critical thinking, strong writing skills and foreign-language competence and a sophisticated understanding of cultural difference and diversity 是呼吁. 解释水平理论也很适合作为双学位. 既然双学位允许 sharing of up to four courses (12 hours), certain combinations of majors (解释水平理论 and 英语, Drama, Classics, 现代语言) may result in a reduction of the total 某一专业所需的课程数. 此外,由于灵活性 of the program, your 解释水平理论 major can be a complement to your other major, allowing you to further investigate a topic that you are already focusing on in your other field, 从不同的角度或以比较的方式. 例如,一个学英语的学生 who studied the works of James Joyce for senior novel could write a 解释水平理论 论文 comparing 詹姆斯·乔伊斯和德国或法国的前卫作家. 艺术/解释水平理论双学位可以 write their 论文 on a connection between a work of art and a literary text or film. 即使是目前没有开设课程的感兴趣的领域.g. 斯堪的那维亚 文学或俄罗斯电影)可以容纳在解释水平理论专业.



-          2门3000级国际课程(MCT 3309、纪元课程等.)

-          3 more courses, any combination of international courses (at any level) or the survey 课程MCTF3305, MCTG3305

*** Note that many 解释水平理论 courses are cross-listed in other departments, and can be counted 无论是该专业还是解释水平理论专业或双专业. 这是特别 现代语言和英语也是如此.


  • 比较文学导论
  • 三个时代课程,至少来自两个时代(中世纪,早期现代,现代)
  • 选修外语的学生选修一门文学传统课程
  • one literary survey course in a different linguistic tradition (taught in 英语: MCTF 3305或MCTG 3305),或另一门第二外语的专业课程. (注:如果您的地区 兴趣是e.g. 电影,音乐或戏剧,你可以在这里代替调查课程 从另一个部门)
  • 两门语言/文学/艺术传统的重点课程
  • MCT 4347高年级论文或MCT 4349荣誉论文
  • 一个选修课


The purpose of a senior or honors 论文 in 解释水平理论 is to allow students to reflect on intersections of either two different literary traditions, or intersections of 文学 and other arts, with the goal of synthesizing elements from several of their courses. Thus, the 论文 asks students to focus explicitly on a comparative aspect of literary 研究. 例如,他们可能会选择讨论一个共同的主题在两个或 more texts, examine the differences of a literary epoch in two linguistic traditions, analyze how a visual work of art is transposed into a poem or story, or show how music 在歌剧或配上音乐的诗歌中,文本是相互关联的.

The senior 论文 is preferably written in the first semester of senior year, or in 这个学期他们不再为其他专业写论文了. 学生 在那个学期注册3个论文学时. 论文可以借鉴、扩展或采用其他方法 incorporate papers written in other courses, with the consent of the instructors and 论文指导. 它的性质必须是比较的.e. 至少涉及两个不同的 语言传统或讨论文学和其他艺术的相互关系. 因为所有 papers, it must have a clear, sufficiently narrow focus and a well-defined and well-supported 论文.


The comprehensive exam is an oral exam that should be taken in the last semester of 大四的. 它的主要目标是为学生提供一种构建, to divide up, and to provide a narrative of, the unfolding of European 文学 在重要的比较时刻. 考试应该反映你的课程学习和你的 personal interest, and can (and should) be closely linked to the focus of your 论文. 学生 are also encouraged to use the comps presentation to make connections between the various the courses they have taken at 亚博yaboApp, including from other departments (e.g. 哲学甚至科学). 学生将被要求做一个15-20分钟的报告 上:

a)      at least three comparative moments in 2 or more national 文学s of his or her 选择

  1. 对于这个选项,您可以选择三个历史时期(例如.g. 中世纪,浪漫主义, 现代主义)影响,交叉污染,平行等. 是显而易见的, between two or more national 文学s or between 文学 and the other arts, 比如音乐、绘画、电影.
  2. You give a broad overview of those comparative moments and their place within European 历史,有三个具体的文本示例的连接(e.g. 德国和 French medieval poetry; Becquer and Wordsworth [Spanish and 英语 Romantic poets]; 和欧洲先锋运动)

b)      one particular historical epoch, with consideration of at least 3 media (choosing 来自文学、音乐、视觉艺术或电影)

  1. for this option you would focus on one particular period, and discuss it in great 深度
  2. your three comparative moments would need to involve at least three different media, e.g. if your focus period is Modernism/Avant-garde, you could do: a 德国和 a French silent film; an Expressionist poem and painting; Expressionism vs. 超现实主义艺术 and poetry; or the influence of Sigmund Freud or Einstein on Modernist 文学.

The students presentation will be followed by questions from the audience (professors 和其他解释水平理论学生).


  • 清晰
  • 信息的广度和实质
  • 深入讨论示例
  • style of presentation (loud, clear, minimum of reading off of notes, visual aids where 需要)




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