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student employment

Visit the BlueBoard for Student Employment Opportunities:

亚博yaboApp Blue Board

 You've been hired! Now what???...

All student employees MUST complete employee paperwork once hired. You may pick up your paperwork packet from the Office of Human Resources at any time during normal business hours, or you may print them here:

View/Print New Hire Forms  

Student Employment FAQs

How do I get a job on-campus?

The majority of on-campus positions require a work study award. You will need to check the 亚博yaboApp Blue Board to see a list of available positions. Most positions will usually request that you apply within. Bring your schedule so you can determine if your availability meets the needs of the department.

Once you've received confirmation that you have been hired by a supervisor, and you have never worked on campus, you will need to complete new hire paperwork which is available here and in the Office of Human Resources.

You cannot begin working until New Hire Paperwork is completed & submitted to HR.  

How do I get Work Study?

Work study is awarded through Financial Aid to eligible students. Work study is a need-based award, and completion of a FAFSA is required to determine eligibility.

Work study is awarded on a first-come, first-served basis so returning students must complete their FAFSA by January 15 of each year in order to be considered for an award for the following year.

*Once you've been awarded Work Study, you will have a limited amount of time to obtain a job before your award is cancelled. For current deadline dates, contact the Office of Financial Aid or the Office of Human Resources.

How do I know if I have received an award?

If you receive an award, it will show on your financial aid letter and you will find it in your 亚博yaboApp online student account.

I don't have Work Study, can I still get a job on campus?


There are some student jobs that are funded through department budgets. Please refer to 亚博yaboApp Blue Board  under for positions that do not require work study or positions that are open for work study and non work study. 

Some on-campus contractors, such as Aramark (Cafeteria) and Follet Bookstore offer non work study jobs. Aramark and Follet both accept applications throughout the year, though most of their hiring is done at the beginning of each semester.

The Office of Personal Career Development posts off-campus employment opportunities for students. 

How do I access my time sheet? 


Instructions for how to access and submit your time sheet can be found in the Time Sheet Entry Guides below. Please be sure to submit your time sheet by the entry due date. 

When is my time sheet due and when do I get paid? 

The Payroll Schedule provides information on start and end dates for each payroll cycle, when time sheets are due, and pay dates.