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2022 Incident Reports

2022 Incident Reports

911 Call IR 22-055 4/17/2022, 3:37

The University of Dallas Police received a 5911 all from a campus emergency phone. The person who was later identified a a non student requested help stating he was poisoned. Irving Fire Department was called and the person was transported to Irving Baylor Hospital.

Information Report IR 22-047 4/12/2022, 12:30

The university of Dallas Police Received a report of a person breaking a coffee mug in the lobby of the Haggar University. A review of the lobby video camera showed it to be an accident.

Theft 22-044 4/1/2022, 4/1/2022, 12:00

University of Dallas Police received a report of the theft of a backpack containing a MacBook computer from the Haggar University Center cafeteria. The back pack was later recovered with the MacBook and a person of interest was identified.